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This week we take readers to Iraq, where Indiana DOC Commissioner, David Donahue recently visited. Donahue was asked by the U.S. Army to survey the detainee facilities around Iraq. What Donahue found was both surprising and inspiring.
Editor, Corrections.com


On the front lines

By Ann Coppola
Corrections.com Reporter

Surveying wartime corrections

It was mid-December of last year, and David Donahue had been in Iraq for several days. Standing inside a makeshift office at Camp Bucca, the United States Army’s largest military detention center, the Indiana Department of Correction Commissioner was still adjusting to daily life in a war zone among 20,000 Iraqi detainees and thousands of soldiers.

Colonel James Brown, the commander at Camp Bucca, walked into the office where Donahue and a modestly decorated artificial Christmas tree were waiting. The intense and highly energetic Brown had someone to introduce to Donahue that might help him to feel more at home. Full Story


Regarding Dungeons for dollars, 4/7/08

I appreciate people like you who inform the public with the truth and not more B.S. I am an African American who is trying very hard to keep my grandson out of this horrible nightmare. It seems as if our race doesn't care anymore and that they are so comfortable with their lives.

Anyone can become incarcerated these days, and it appears as if everything is now a felony. What can be done about this before it is too late? If we get a new president, can these big corporations be dealt with? I like the article and look forward to reading more.

We are greatly dissatisfied and disappointed with Corrections.com publishing a highly inaccurate, poorly sourced and egregiously biased OP/Ed. The writer’s agenda is clear: to undermine the privatized corrections industry, treating the subject in a wholesale manner without regard to any of the benefits, best practices or innovations achieved through public-private partnership.

While we respect the relevancy of all voices in this ongoing debate – including those of government officials, community leaders, civic organizers, industry representatives and local citizens...Read more.
Steven Owen
Director, Marketing / Company Spokesperson Corrections Corporation of America

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