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This week, regular contributor, Len Sipes, discusses a vital public relations "to do" list that every administrator or department leader should implement before an emergency occurs. The emergency inevitably will happen. For better or worse, the way the facility manages it and communicates about it, is usually what's remembered most.
Jim, Corrections.com editor


Preparing for major emergencies

By Leonard A. Sipes, Jr.

For the "it will never happen to us" event

Most of us understand that emergencies will happen. Virtually every corporation or college or governmental entity has operational emergency plans.

By emergencies, I am referring to major events that go far beyond several days of troubling or policy-oriented media questions. Examples include product failures that lead to injuries or deaths, or any negative policy-oriented event that causes the attention of regional or national media.

The problem is that few organizations include public affairs in their emergency plans. There are two key issues in preparing for emergencies: knowing everything possible about the organization, and having plans in place to deal with the media. Read this week's full story.

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I think this is a great site. I wish there were more like this one. I think everyone needs all the help we can get when dealing with offenders.

I work in West Virginia, where our motto is "A kinder gentler corrections." Boy, do they mean it too. We do not have a lot of violence.

I appreciate all that you're doing to help people. Keep up the good work.
Angela, WV

Regarding Understanding, anticipating and controlling fear, 6/30/08

In reference to the line, " It should offer support to anyone requiring professional counseling without attaching any stigma or reprisal." Apparently, attaching the thought of both ["stigma" and "reprisal"] within this article was important. The sentence could have been written, however, with a positive focus.
Harold Maio
Advisory Board, American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

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