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NEW Economy & Corrections

This week inside Economy on the Forums the discussion of capitalism and greed continues as Jon writes: "charst, with all due respect, you have engaged in a behavior simply serving to further totalitarian approaches to government: labeling these periods as somehow being unbridled capitalism. I assure you and all other readers of this forum…the world has never truly experienced anything like unbridled capitalism. Ms. Rand, Greenspan, Friedman, and any other person subscribing to a pure objectivist philosophy were opposed to all forms of totalitarian states, as were our Founding Fathers. Indeed, the world of self-government envisioned by the writers of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence can only be achieved in an unbridled capitalistic system.

You mention that people do not work in their own best interest in capitalist systems???…If this is the case, then I would ask you serve up a picture of a system in which they would…I will take my swings at that. First, I submit the only person capable of judging one’s own self-interest would be that individual."
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Consider the Hero Within

by Joe Bouchard

Corrections is a profession that has many elements of danger. Every day, staff are subjected to potential peril. Because of that, not everyone will even consider working in such conditions. Yet, corrections’ ranks are filled with dedicated professionals who perform well under adverse conditions. When you think about it, there is heroism inherent in what we do... full story

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Physicians Assistant - Oklahoma

Performs professional medical services on a patient care unit in a correctional facility; Performs specialized medical work in the diagnosis and treatment of illness or injuries relating to many specialized areas full job posting


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More on cell phones...

Walton 350: I work for the ohio prison system. It’s the same deal here no cell phones unless you are management SRT or Star which are tactical team members. Its funny they use their cell phones all day for personal calls yet we cant make any or receive any unless it’s an emergency sent through management. I also find it funny the inmates have access to make phone calls 16 hrs a day. Seems to me like managements priorities are messed up. But then again we feel like the inmate more often than not as an employee here in Ohio. full thread

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  • MASCA Annual Conference
    June 7-10, 2009
    Join your professional colleagues in probation, parole, juvenile justice and corrections for an affordable and dynamic training experience. Held in Annapolis, MD
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    June 20-25, 2009
    National Sheriffs' Association Conference and Exhibition held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Broward County Convention Center
  • SSCA 40th Annual Conference
    July 19-22, 2009
    Southern States Correctional Association Annual Conference held in New Orleans, LA
  • NABCJ Conference
    July 19-23, 2009
    National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice Annual Conference and Training Institute held in Little Rock, AR

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"It is not length of life, but depth of life."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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