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Tell It Like It Is

“Going Postal” Identifying Factors

by Tracy E. Barnhart

I have been requested to write this particular article in light of the recent shootings on the Army Base located in Texas. The question was posed to me in this format, “can we identify potential correctional employees that could go postal inside the facility?” Knowing, that we have several weapon available correctional posts that could give disgruntled correctional employees opportunity to go postal ay any time. So the question is this: Can potential aggressors be identified? Yes they can! In fact, 99% of workplace violence perpetrators exhibit clear warning signs before "going postal"... full story



OfficerMerc: I work for a private organization and was wondering if any of you all think it would be a good idea to get my CCW license. I hear stories of Officers getting caught on the streets by former I/M’s and being unarmed. I was also wondering how many of you carry weapons with you.
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Can Omega-3 Fats Play a Role in Reducing Anti-Social Behavior

by Ilona Fordham, Registered Dietitian

Our mood and behaviors are impacted daily by the foods we consume. From getting the jitters from too much caffeine, to the feeling of calm after a glass of milk or Thanksgiving turkey; there are components in our food that impact our mood. In this respect we are what we eat. The human body can be thought of a a car, when given the right fuel it runs optimally, but with inadequate fuel it might sputter and stall. So it stands to reason there may be better performing nutrients, which impact our mood or behavior, than others...
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Correctional Lieutenant - Wyoming

Serves as first line supervisor, reporting to the Security Captain; oversees daily correctional functions, including serving as one of four staff team leaders in charge of a team of security staff... full job posting

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