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In today’s world, terrorist acts have become a daily news item. Undoubtedly, terrorist cells and their violence against a people, religion or idea have been around for centuries, but their growth can be relatively unnoticed until the killing occurs on a massive scale.

If these groups can be caught in their infancy, can the type of violence we see today be quelled enough to discourage others from continuing these senseless rampages? It’s an underlying question that this week’s article, a transcript and podcast of Corrections.com’s interview with counterterrorism expert Bill Sturgeon, tries to address. While the threat of terrorism in corrections might be small, and perhaps fairly unnoticeable, it still warrants attention. Security measures should be taken to prevent facilities from becoming training grounds for a swelling group of hate mongers determined to make their point regardless of innocent lives lost.

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Terrorism in corrections, a ticking time bomb

By Ann Coppola

The growing threat

Corrections.com spoke with emergency preparedness and counterterrorism planning expert, Bill Sturgeon, about the growing risk of terrorism in our jails and prisons. Sturgeon has more than 35 years of experience in the criminal justice field, and has managed security operations for sheriffs’ offices and correctional agencies across the United States.

He is currently working on a book, due out in early 2008, that discusses how terrorism presents a much greater threat to the corrections world than we might think. Listen to our podcast with Sturgeon or read the transcript of our conversation.

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Regarding Managing the "other" inmate, 10/24/07

Having worked in mental health and human services over 19 years in the Ohio prison system, I am disgusted by the articles about "mental illness" in prisons. Society allows more and more people to aviod responsibility for their behaviors, and the mental health field has prostituted itself for political correctness.

Most of the so-call "mental ill prisoners with serious disorders" are long term criminals with chemical dependency and very, very antisocial attitudes. They are part of a growing sub-culture that has become a cancer to traditional American values. Several estimates have been made over the years (by people who know from experience, not academics or advocacy groups) about the percentages of inmates on mental health caseloads who were actually in need of psychiatric services. From experienced line staff ( and supported by studies of malingering by Glenn Walters, Stanton,and Phillip Resnick), the numbers are not 20 to 60% but probably closer to 5%.

Many criminals like any kind of drug in their system. Most want some type of SSI benefits and many want to avoid other responsibilities (court fees,child support,providing their own housing,etc.) by virtue of some naive psychologist or psychiatrist providing a psychiatric diagnosis. Provide some articles from the other side (staff,the taxpayers,victims,and others tired of the games) at least once in a while. Those of us who have been harassed in the trenches would appreciate some realistic articles and programs.
Michael Hoover, Ohio

Regarding The The transition factor, 10/15/07

I hope that all who have read this article please take it to heart and see what they can do to aid in the recovery process of people who have offended and have paid their debt to society. We all know that the first few weeks out of prison is the make or break for the individual, and feelings of being rejected either from family or employee can be devastating. Mr. Harris has devoted his life to teaching and corrections and is a keen observer of human behaviour. Well done Mr Harris.
Hartley Holder

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Med101store.com, a leading supplier of disposable medical supplies, sells directly from the warehouse to health care departments and prisons in 48 states. It’s an unprecedented move that promises to impact the way medical supplies are purchased in this country.

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