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There is hope. I believe we as a society are coming full circle. I read recently an article in the Journal of psychiatric something or other that one of the proponents of decentralizing the regional asylums is now lobbying to return to centralized treatment centers that he so adamantly worked against in the 70’s. However he would like to see more safeguards in place to prevent the abuses that led to the dismantling of the previous system. I agree with him there must be better oversight of potential abuse of the mentally ill much in the way of PREA regulations... view full thread

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Under administrative supervision, the Corrections Officer performs duties to ensure the safety and security of all inmates and staff in the jail facility. This position maintains that level of security while conducting the operations of the jail at the County Sheriff’s office. This position affects the operation of the department as well as the well-being of inmates, county employees and the public. The work involves addressing a variety of problems and situations... >> view full job posting

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