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Bit of an old thread revival but Campi’s last post is so true. I both like the fact my BS meter is higher than the average persons and don’t like it, something to be said about ignorance is bliss as it can be very aggravating (and sad in a pitiful way) when someone is professing some truth or story to you despite you pointing out its flaws. My brother in Law is a con artist / Fraud guy (can’t choose family I guess…) and we don’t even see him much anymore because it so painful every time he opens his mouth... view full thread

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The Instructor organizes and teaches academic and trades-related course material to Modified Community Correctional Facility (MCCF) inmates using traditional classroom methods and through computer-based programs. Supervises inmate aides and tests inmates acquiring GED equivalency. Instructs inmates in the use of computer equipment. Prepares instructional programs in academic, practical, and technical subjects. Provides technical and professional assistance to the Senior Instructor... >> view full job posting

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History is a vast early warning system.
- Norman Cousins