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Nervousness is one thing, confidence is quite another. I was told once (going to a promotion board for Sergeant in the Army) “Go in there like you own the damn board !” That stuck with me for the next two that I had to go to. Never had any problems. Confidence in going into the board, and yes being nervous. It’s only human nature to be nervous when one is being evaluated in anything... view full thread

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Patrols, inspects and investigates illegal dumping complaints and sites in unincorporated areas. Prepares written reports, issues notices and citations; and files criminal cases against violators. Follows-up on pending written complaints and verbal notices. Coordinates removal of refuse, debris, litter, site obstructions and nuisances when required. Attends workshops and seminars to keep abreast of changing laws and trends associated with illegal dumping activities. Keeps the public informed about illegal activities by talking to governmental entities, local environmental organizations and various civic groups. Performs other duties as assigned... >> view full job posting

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