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Are there statistics available that prove that treatment programs are successful in reducing recidivism rates?... view full thread

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The Correctional Officer is responsible under the direction and control of the Shift Supervisor, to maintain care and custody of inmates; to maintain proper order and decorum among inmates; to search inmates periodically and prior to escort; to ensure inmates follow proper procedures as to personal hygiene; to ensure that the living quarters of inmates and the areas for which they are responsible are kept in a sanitary and wholesome condition; to issue supplies to inmates; to assist with the dispensing of food; to check all packages and incoming and outgoing mail; to supervise work details of inmates in their quarters or other areas to which they may be assigned; to supervise inmates during rehabilitative activities; to report infractions of rules and any unusual occurrence; to prepare inmates for court and release; to convey or assist in the conveyance of inmates; to supervise the visiting of inmates; to keep records and prepare reports; to comply with departmental policies, procedures, rules and regulations; to obey all lawful orders of superior officers; to participate in training programs/sessions as required; and to perform such other duties as may be assigned... >> view full job posting

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