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The issue isn’t if it is right or wrong. The issue is the kind of force and how it is used. Sadly age and relative strength are factors. Also appearances play a role. Whether you agree with it or not are you willing to stand up in front of 12 people or 1-3 judges and fight for your convictions with your livelihood on the line and possible jail time. That’s the reality. When that poor little punk that stabbed you is sitting across the aisle from you playing victim and you are a big scary prison guard who is getting portrayed by every single mistake you have made your entire life. The fact of what is right or wrong won’t matter it becomes who is the better story teller... view full thread

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Position is responsible for maintaining and repairing the facility HVAC systems, including heating, central air conditioning, refrigeration systems, oil burners, hot-air furnaces and heating stoves. Knowledge of refrigeration cycle, refrigerants, air conditiong and related air handling equipment... >> view full job posting

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