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I believe the judge during sentencing has the ability to allow the record to be sealed or if the offense is too heinous, they will be required to register as sex offenders. If they are required to register, than the juvenile issue is moot, because everyone has access... view full thread

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Headquartered in the City of Seattle, Washington, the King County Adult & Juvenile Detention Department operates five separate facilities, and has a 2018 budget of $137 million and 914 staff. The department books 50,000 people per year and supervises an average daily population of 2,081 adults. The Juvenile Division staff supervises an average daily population of 51 juveniles in secured detention and alternative detention programs. Reporting to the County’s Chief Operating Officer, the Director of Adult & Juvenile Detention provides innovative and strategic leadership in the delivery of safe, secure and humane 24/7 detention and community corrections programs... >> view full job posting

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