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Actually in NY state the Commission requires inmates who work as Trustees to be examined by a physician prior to being assigned to kitchen duty just for that reason. I know that even an inmate who cut his finger during chow time was removed, taken to the nurse and taken off kitchen duty until cleared. In addition, the Kitchen Supervisor is responsible to make sure all inmates wear a hat to cover their hair in the kitchen and must wear gloves at all times. Many of our officers check the meal trays before they are put in the block for two reasons... view full thread

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The Correctional Officer I (CO I) positions maintain the safety and security of Colorado Department of Corrections' (CDOC) prison facilities throughout the state. Correctional Officers support the CDOC Mission, Vision and Values with integrity and commitment while preparing offenders for community reentry. Correctional Officers respectfully communicate with offenders and their families, coworkers, supervisors, managers and the public; presenting a professional and dependable workforce. Positions must cooperate with other staff members and work as a cohesive team, while managing a diverse offender population... >> view full job posting

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