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With electronic medication administration technologies, most of the activities for passing meds are validated to the 5 Rs. The challenge is the jail committing to the technology investments that not only reduce medication risks, provide documentation and improved management of medication therapies, but substantially reduce the number of nursing labor hours utilized. A CO or nurse is challenged to complete the med pass within the time allotted and then review compliance, track observations, etc... view full thread

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This is responsible administrative work developing, implementing and coordinating jail population management strategies, systems, and processes. This is an emergency essential classification. Upon declaration of a disaster and/or emergency, all employees in this classification are required to work. An employee assigned to this classification is responsible for researching jail population management strategies and programs; determining best practice methodology and implementing effective and efficient program policies. This employee will develop, implement and coordinate processes to triage in custody inmates and coordinate with the centralized screening team, jail classification and medical staff to identify the most expeditious and safe means of release... >> view full job posting

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