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I work for the State. We don’t have a lot of spitters these days, but when we do it isn’t a “sneak attack”. My facility stresses wearing gloves and washing hands, even while doing pat searches, shakedowns or going through an inmate’s property... view full thread

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Provides routine and urgent medical and mental health care services within the scope of licensed abilities to the inmate population of the St. Charles County Adult Detention Facility. Work autonomously to collaborate with physicians, counselors, and co-workers to develop and implement treatment plans. Utilize physician’s established nursing protocols. Responds to medical incidents and provides emergency evaluations and treatment. Evaluate and triage routine requests for medical and mental health treatment. Gathers detailed information. Performs physical and mental health assessments/screenings. Compiles medical/mental health history. Determines fitness for confinement. Assists physician, dentist, counselor and psychiatrist. Coordinates services and activities. Obtain, document and carry out orders of health care providers. Interprets physicians' orders... >> view full job posting

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