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I am interested in finding out what other departments or facilities have in place for feeding inmates other than normal meals. For example, if there is an emergency and the inmates need to be locked down in their cell or dorm, or if the kitchen has an issue such as not being able to wash the food trays and so on. How do you feed the inmates, with bag meals or what? Thank you to everyone that responds to my topic... view full thread

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Ensure safety and security of facility, maintain security rounds and logs, vigilant observation of medical and suicidal inmates and conduct and log daily inmate counts. Control distribution and use of keys and tools. Perform booking procedures for incoming/outgoing inmates, process inmates according to state statutes, maintain booking records and case jackets and record and secure inmate property. Maintain inmate logs, paperwork, bonding, maintain inmate medication logs and medical screening documents and administer medications to inmates... >> view full job posting

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