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Well the staff at our facility have a 6 inch rule. if food falls within 6 inches of the floor it is lost. I know I wash my desk and keys/equipment regularly. I also wash hands before and after the rest room and before eating. I know the population here has a high hepatitis concentration though we rarely have MRSA or other outbreaks and handle them quickly when we do... view full thread

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St. Charles County Department of Corrections will be conducting testing for the position of Lieutenant (Corrections Supervisor). The testing process consists of a video exam and written exam. Candidates must pass both components of the exam to be considered for an interview. Candidates must also pass a criminal background investigation and a PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) check suitable for law enforcement, including a criminal record and drivers’ license check. Candidates are required to have a police record free of pending charges and felony convictions. Prior to final selection, candidates will be subject to pre-employment drug screening and psychological assessment... >> view full job posting

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