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Hey I know this is an old topic. I just wanted to contribute since I am going through this right now in Fl. Every agency is different, but mine is a little lax on physical requirements. The CERT team does regular training, but the other officers don’t get much. The agency does instruct in DT in their own way when you’re new though. Many of the officers that have been there a while are very very big. I honestly cannot imagine them running at all... view full thread

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Open until filled First review of resumes on January 21, 2020 The Assistant Director is responsible for directing the preparation of applicable policies and procedures to ensure operational compliance; directs, manages and oversees the activities and operations of the Information and Public Access Division (IPA). The division will include: Information Technology, Public Information, Victim and Constituent Services, Continuous Improvement, Agency Ombudsman, Policy Unit and Chief Legislative Liaison... >> view full job posting

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