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To kick off this month's architecture focus, the firm Sally Swanson Architects submitted an article about its design of a new programs and educational building at the Muriel Wright Residential Center in San Jose, California. Company CEO and article author, Sally Swanson, describes the factors considered in designing and building the center, and discusses the details behind its form and function with center probation manager, Laura Wegl.

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Architecture for juvenile justice

By Sally Swanson

Building opportunities

The Muriel Wright Residential Center (MWRC is a correctional center focusing on the needs of detained teenagers. The youth have the opportunity to attend MWRC instead of serving time at Juvenile Hall. MWRC’s programs offer counseling, group self-help, educational classes and team building activities.

Sally Sawnson Architects was commissioned by the County of Santa Clara to design a new administrative and classroom facility. The project consisted of new construction as well as modernization of the existing facilities. MWRC provides a secure yet therapeutic environment. The overall theme of the facility is focused on healing, learning, hope and guidance all interwoven with security reflecting the Department of Probation guidelines. Full Story

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Regarding Leaders vs. Managers, 2/24/08

Your article was right on the money! My organization has none of the management/leadership qualities you described to promote positive moral. Thanks!
JE, Minnesota

Regarding Super-scary superbugs, 2/24/08

I find it interesting that people within institutional settings (i.e., hospitals, etc.) might think that “turning a blind eye” or taking a “mums the word” stance on MRSA is the proper approach. I believe that total transparency in operations (excepting security concerns such as movement and specific disclosure addressed by HIPAA) can only serve to achieve further cooperation with persons and organizations capable of providing aid and assistance, especially in situations affecting the health and well-being of those we are sworn to protect and serve.
Jon A. Eichelberg, Substance Abuse Counselor, Indiana

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In the year 2028

Resisting a reference to Doc Brown and his DeLorean time machine is tough, especially since last week’s Northeast Technology and Product Assessment Committee (NTPAC) spring meeting so successfully brought the focus of its corrections audience “back to the future.” Full story

Keeping the faith

L Political pundits say they can’t remember a U.S. presidential campaign where religion became such a lightning-rod issue so early on, if even for a short time. Full story

A matter of choices, part II - The interview cometh

I had been anticipating a call for an interview at the detention center, but after a few days turned into a couple of weeks I had pushed the thought to the back of my mind. Full story


Bob Barker Company adds complete first aid system

Bob Barker Company recently announced the addition of the All-Ready Complete First Aid System to their extensive line of detention products. More

Bob Barker Company to Give $5,000 Grand Prize to the “Biggest Winner”

The nearly 200 employees at Bob Barker Company have an exciting challenge in front of them and plenty of incentive to go with it. More

The nearly 200 employees at Bob Barker Company now have access to 3,500 world-class online business and computer training courses with the implementation of an e-Learning program.

The nearly 200 employees at Bob Barker Company now have access to 3,500 world-class online business and computer training courses with the implementation of an e-Learning program. More


Wis. secretary appoints new superintendent

Jeff Radcliffe has become the new superintendent for the Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He succeeds former MESCC superintendent Sharon Williams, who became Milwaukee County’s Regional Chief of Community Corrections last year. Full story

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