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While arguments abound about the benefits, or detriments, of youth and prison boot camps, it seems that with the right proportion of training, tough love, hard work, and soul searching, those in need of rehabilitation might actually gain something from these programs. The New York State Department of Correctional Services certainly believes so, which is why it continues to promote its Shock program, odd name and all. This week, the Corrections Connection focuses on that program and the benefits its participants and community seem to reap both short and long-term.
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Shock it to me

By Ann Coppola

Toughness for tender results

Shock incarceration programs, or prison boot camps, have over the years faced scrutiny as intense as a drill instructor sizing up new recruits. From research doubting the validity of the military methodology to states shutting down the programs all together, the future of correctional boot camps has never been certain. But with nearly 36,500 graduates, along with providing its state a savings topping almost $1 billion, the New York State Department of Correctional Services’ Shock Incarceration Program is asserting its right to survive.

Founded in 1987, Shock is an intensive six-month program of hard physical labor, academic education, drug treatment, and personal counseling. Inmates ages 16 through 39, who were convicted of non-violent crimes and are within three years of release are eligible to participate. Full Story

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Regarding Behind the walls, 2/4/08

Thank you, thank you for publishing this article. The state of Minnesota is the same way. They just don't seem to recognize how hard a CO's job is. That’s why we must remember to recognize each other.
18-year CO in Minn.

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