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The use of trustees


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Male user Varun Sharma 1 post

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Male user jwilson115 1 post

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Male user alex wilson 2 posts

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Male user jaffarkhan 1 post

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Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

This is a risk rewards game. The money being made off the tobacco is good with low risk. They do not get more time if caught. Same with explicit music or pornography. These things seem like little value to us but that white power CD or gansta rap they cannot get through legitimate routes can get up to $200 bucks and last black market check I did a decent porn picture cut out of a magazine can go for up to $5 per pic or two bits per copy. Then when you are talking drugs 1 toothpaste cap can sell for $50 when you’re talking weed. Higher depending on what kind of drug. Cell phones are going for around $500-1500 depending on make capabilities and size. The cost easily goes up depending on risk.There is a lot of money to be made. As long as it is profitable they will continue to do it. The only way to stop it is catch enough product before it gets inside the prison and is bought and paid for so the suppliers and dealers are solely responsible for the loss. If you keep taking the money away before they can make it they will stop. This is also why some guards can be bought. They make enough money to outweigh what they believe the risk is. Myself it would take millions of dollars to buy me. They can make no money off me so I am not approached. But I guess the short story is as long as there is money to be made they will continue to try. Same goes for guards too. As for weapons. I dont think you will see them any time soon. The risk is so high that the cost is out of most peoples range. That and shanks are free to make out of items at hand.

Male user frydd666 22 posts

Mick, Thank you also for your input. So far we haven’t had anything like shivs or weapons come in, it is mostly tobacco and things like that, but I feel it is only a matter of time before drugs and weapons can start.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

To try and limit the flow of contraband we keep our trustees in a separate part of the prison to the General population. As Campi says there will always be a certain amount of contraband coming in. Intelligence has a big part to play in stifling the flow. Listening in on phone calls, using informants etc.

Male user frydd666 22 posts

Good ideas Campi! Thanks for the advice!

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Well as long as inmates can put things in places we can’t` go like the rectum in men or other places in women when they go out to some place unsupervised you run the risk of contraband being introduced into the institution. The same can be said for staff members. Sadly there will never be an end to contraband. There are acceptable limits though. So unless we all go into a glass dome and never come out contraband will happen. The only thing you can do is try and find it. So even if you have trustees or not the contraband will find a way in. Why not make them work. Also if you know the trustees are contraband magnets use them to pull it out and catch it.

Male user frydd666 22 posts

I work in a county jail for a smaller rural county. We have had used trustees in the past and have had cases of trafficking contraband. What is your take on having trustees?

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